Our story


Our Name

Zaytoon is the Arabic word for Olive and our first product (handcrafted soap) was inspired by traditional Middle Eastern Olive Oil Soaps. Many of our products contain this skin-loving oil.


It's in our Genes

Our founder grew up immersed in healthy living and the use of natural products. Three generations ago, her grandmother built and operated the first soap factory in the region. You could always find plenty of grandma's soap everywhere you looked. These influences thrive today in her drive, creativity, and passion to add a modern and stylish flair to time-tested safe and high-quality products made from some of the best healthy ingredients nature has to offer.


Why We Do It

Consumers are placing an ever-increasing demand for natural and organic products as awareness grows of the potentially harmful effects of mass-produced synthetic and highly-processed products and ingredients.

However, the higher cost of natural and organic products can be an impediment to many who want healthier products. Therefore . . .

Our mission is to provide inspiring high-quality natural products.


Time-Tested Ingedients

Our world is full of wonderful oils, clays, muds, seeds, herbs, botanicals, micas, essential extracts and more. We use these natural treasures as the primary ingredients in our products.



We began our natural products journey in 2008.



Yes, we do it all by hand.

Yes, we craft in small batches.

Yes, we use natural and organic ingredients.

Yes, we make-to-order many products for the utmost in freshness.